StudentDNA (TM) is providing learners  with choices that better fit their learning styles. On a mobile device such as an iTouch, iPad or iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Droid or Netbook, the goal of StudentDNA is to provide options that keep the student informed and engaged.

Learners have too many distractions to keep their focus without interruption. With StudentDNA technologies added to a blended leaning environment, a learner can choose to learn on the go, in a remote setting where they are looking for something to do to complete educational requirements.


Students have several options in learning both in the classroom and at outside of the classroom. Student DNA is a new way to think about how to engage a learner, alert a learner, organize a learner, provide small learning chunks with measurement – where the piece of the pie adds up to the total pie. This improves ongoing learning and remedial learning.