Monday, 6-28-2010 CiscoLive! kicked off in Las Vegas.  LearnCast along with Push Mobile Media are providing mobile learning to CiscoLive! show attendees. Mobile innovation used to feed mobile alerts regarding drawings and daily giveaways along with mobile learning. All participants who subscribe are sent an SMS message showing daily drawings and free ICND2 training content examples.


LearnCast is showing it’s new release of LearnCast that can deliver secure content  via iPhone App store, Droid Store, Black Berry Store or specific ( non-app) delivery systems like  SMS and Email


We have made significant improvements within our feature set and to the performance of the LearnCast Application. Apple has approved our 3rd submission and we are reading for the 4th revision.

Each time we submit to Apple it means we have found new ideas and better faster means of either communicating to a student, presenting choices of content and or feedback, or providing better information to the subject matter experts.

LearnCast is a partnership between content experts and Learners who need mobile solutions. This is the start of something big.


September 8-9 2010 , San Diego -LearnCast along with our technology partner Push Mobile Media, will take part in the second annual mHealth Networking Conference. We are excited to see the interest and  growth in the mobile education sector regarding consumer education, staff knowledge retention and productive / urgent communications using mobile technologies.

Push Mobile and LearnCast will introduce new health related learning programs available on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Droid and Black Berry mobile devices.