Industry Leaders Merge – LearnKey®, LearnCast® and Predix

Three powerful companies merge to form a very strategic learning entity known as Better Learning Systems (BLS).

LearnKey® Inc., LearnCast® Inc., and Predix Inc., combine their executive leadership teams, global experience and financial resources to create the “next big idea” in the learning industry, Better Learning Systems.

These three companies all share a similar background of delivering first-to-market solutions and innovations within the learning, e-learning and mobile learning industries. Their stories include accomplishments such as the first video-based software training company (1987); the first privately held company to deliver  interactive CD-ROM to the market with video, labs and assessments; the first company to stream learning video in an online learning portal with labs and assessments; and possibly the first mobile platform to specifically offer rapid development tools, learning management tools, video transcoding with global distribution specific to learning within one cloud-based system.

“I’m really interested to see how our existing customer base adopts our new and strategic offerings. This will prove to have more value with better reach and deeper measurements for everyone”, stated David Clemons CEO and Founder of

“The global industry of video based training, online learning, mobile innovation and individual talent discovery through software, will see something fantastic at Better Learning Systems”, stated Clemons

This merger represents a very big move for the privately held LearnKey®, the original video-based software training company launched in 1987, who has brought together an interesting blend of mobile technology and professional behavioral assessment technology and know-how together under one vision – one mission. “Build a Better Learning System

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I found a great article published by Matt Richtell of the NY Times, regarding the use of technology in the HIGH SCHOOL and the distraction and opportunity with the digital screens most students engage in.

In this article and video the school principal and students are interviewed along with parents regarding the social use of mobile phones, the policing of mobile devices on campuses and parents who are trying to bring Technology/KID Life/Balance forward.

Instant gratification of gaining access to games, search, text messages result in Virtual High. There are no limits to speed of learning or feeding the addiction of  digital content.

Those schools that are thinking they going to restrict mobile technology are going to fall in a deep crack of being left behind or the students will simply leave to be at schools that GET IT!

As I listen to the host of the video – Matt – going through the “day in the life of a student” its easy to see why young adults are really focused on the mobile interface. This is where their friends hangout – its the new digital hangout. The combination of Facebook and text messages are the tools used by most students today.

You can watch this video at –

This VIDEO is AMAZING you need to watch this.