U.S. Smartphone Penetration - Year 2011

Higher Education is quickly adopting mobile technology on campuses through out  the United States and on a Global basis. This chart shows the convergence of mobile technology – Smart Phones vs. Feature Phones.

With the sky rocketing demand along with aggressive competition – the powerful Smart Phones are going to see a wide adoption of users move this direction. 3rd Quarter of 2011 – The mark will be 50% (ish) will have the phones that will be capable of delivering full interactive coursework and teaching.

LearnCast operates now on most desktop browsers  , and a few very popular mobile apps including Apple – BB – Droid – Palm.

This is really great news for LearnCast and the entire mobile publishing area.


MobiNurse – Quality Mobile Innovation for a Medical Team of Nurses

Posted on November 18, 2010 by dclemons

Soon, Health Providers will be able to power up a powerful mobile solution from Achieve Labs. “MobiNurse” (TM) is an innovative educational solution for nurses and nurse aids who seek continuing education.  “Our goal is simple, to use the power of LearnCast.com to create, distribute, measure and report on continuing education efforts that are required.

MobiNurse provides the following basic features:

1. MobiAlerts – these are designed to be broadcasted to a select audience ( Need to know only!)

2. MobiSearch – Mobile search engine, dedicated to group, relevant content only- Look up for text, docs, people, video and training

3. MobiShout – Instant text communicated across a group setting.

MobiNURSE creates a rich environment for user to gain the knowledge they need when in a remote setting or in between appointments.

Finally, the real leaders of enterprise security are providing real solutions that even the small enterprise can afford. Now the mobile workforce can work with BB, Nokia, Iphones and iPads, Droid/ CIUS or Motorola X.  The chosen mobile hand held device will become secondary to the secure IT platform such as the “AnyConnect” solution from Cisco.

Here is the note if you did not see the release.

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client delivers ubiquitous access to authenticated users, enabling increased productivity by providing “anytime access” to the network.  In addition, the client provides full tunnel connectivity while being versatile, lightweight, and user-friendly.  AnyConnect users can now have an in-office experience to virtually any application or resource from their iPhone without compromising device battery or performance. Finally, the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client provides an optimized VPN connection (via DTLS) for latency-sensitive traffic, such as voice over IP (VoIP) traffic or TCP-based application access.

Enterprise customers can then leverage Cisco AnyConnect & SSL VPN for secure & mobile-friendly connectivity to their corporate resources, enabling to them to truly enterprise-enable their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad mobile workforce.

Cisco is really stepping up to the mobile workforce helping build the bridge that makes the mobile workforce work. This is good news for everyone.

Cisco Cius platform is amazing, all it needs is the LearnCast Mobile Learning tools to allow managers to build small learning programs assessments, polling with real-time feedback and reporting. Its an amazing add on to their telepresence, VOIP docking station and perfect for the mobile workforce.


KEARNS — Starting Monday, students at Kearns High School will be required to bring their new iPods to class. Every student was given one Friday as the Granite School District kicked off its latest initiative that officials say teaches kids on devices they want to use.

iTouch Content

Granite District officials say the students’ faces at Kearns High lit up like it was Christmas Day, but the district isn’t treating the iPod Touches they gave to students as toys. Spokesman Ben Horsley said they came preloaded with educational applications and lesson plans.

“It’s not just about throwing the technology out there and saying, ‘Go for it!'” he said.

Horsley said students can download their music onto the iPod, but all of the applications are controlled by the school for the year. He said they have hundreds of apps that teach subjects from history to economics.

“We’ll continue to load [apps] every few weeks and monitor the devices and add new content as time goes on,” Horsley said.

The devices cost as much as a textbook, and Horsely said the students can do a lot more with them.

The iPods were paid for by $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The money was awarded because of the district’s plan to use the electronic devices. Horsley said the money cannot be used for any other purpose, such as textbooks.

This educational WIN – is good for the school , teachers and especially students.

The learn more about LearnCast and our iTouch / iPod/ iPhone or iPad solution – please contact us

BY the way we have a grant aimed at schools.

States Digital Report Card


Top Digital States Awarded to Michigan and Utah

In its comprehensive 2010 Digital States Survey, e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government evaluated the digital technology practices of all 50 states.  Grades were given based on quantifiable results in better serving citizens and streamlining operations. Four states received A grades, with Michigan and Utah to receive an A.

To focus on the drastic difference between Idaho and Utah, Idaho the sister state to Utah,  received only an C-.  That’s an “F” in my book. Across broad categories, the net effect of this hurts the Idaho economy and everyone who is trying to move forward using digital technology to do their job.

VIEW THE REPORT –   http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/survey/61

Come on IDAHO –  lets start some where. Since we live here in this state – lets start working together on digital solutions.

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