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I-Gen, the Perfect Mobile Workforce? asks David Clemons

By JGollner, on January 12th, 2011

It’s an interesting question. Is the “I-Generation” the perfect mobile workforce? And it’s not a coincidence that it’s David Clemons who is asking the question. Along with Michael Kroth, he is the author of a new book on the topic called Managing the Mobile Workforce, published by McGraw-Hill. And one of the ventures of his company Achieve Labs Inc. is LearnCast, a platform for delivering Mobile Learning Solutions.  David is also presenting a workshop at Intelligent Content 2011 with the engaging title Please, Turn Your Mobile Device On! Now back to David’s original question. The I-Gen, the perfect mobile workforce? For some of David’s thoughts on the answer, read on…

Why wait in line?  Their mobile device allows them to bypass the lines by purchasing movie tickets with their mobile app, as well as the popcorn and a soda. And frankly they don’t want to wait in line if they don’t have too; it’s a total time waster, right?

Welcome to the “I-Generation” (1979 – present)

This generational pool of teenagers is considered the “Speedsters” of technology, knowing how to use it for immediate personal gratification. They have no fear about technology or anything with a connection. Especially, if it makes their life move faster, with more options for freedom to move while being connected to everyone, at all times.

I must be getting old, because I like turning the electronics off, completely off the mobile grid, but it’s becoming more difficult because more and more of the devices are wireless, always on. In the case of the I-Gen, they expect the uninterrupted stream of interruptions, because t them its important. The social bond of using social technology is creating a need to learn technology at a rapid pace, another Tweet, another post to Facebook, or new SMS text message. They are showing us what the mobile workforce will look like very soon, it won’t be just the Black Berry mobile device any more.

This group of 80 million (+/-) is the next parade of workers to come out of our educational system and plugging directly into your company, in a mobile wireless manner.

Will this group be the ultimate mobile workforce or “mobiForce”? Maybe, they will be crossed trained with many, maybe thousands of technologies at their fingertips. Being able to access and use the mobile technology that fits the task, exactly, rather than fitting a square peg into a round hole.

The challenge facing the I-Gen might be more of a challenge for all of us baby boomers, to really understand this generation, trying to keep up and manage those “Speedsters” as they seriously change everything we know about using technology in the workplace and getting the job done, faster.

I watch my son, Taylor, who fits this profile perfectly, and his friends and their friends. I’m sure of a couple of things. The speed in which they learn technology is amazing and if knowledge is power, big positive changes are coming.  My hope is they connect the world to be a friendlier more social place.

– David Clemons, CEO Achieve Labs Inc.

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Tom on Leadership – link -Clemons and Kroth Interview

Tom on Leadership is a popular internet radio program focusing on the Leadership issues facing the enterprise today. This 30 minute session is dedicated to the Managing the Mobile Workforce. Clemons and Kroth speak on the specific ideas of building trust within a mobile team. Closing the distant gap between the remote worker and the managers. Personal communication in the global company that needs to develop a keeps teams together.

Enjoy this interview – we thank Tom Cox and his staff for hosting this interview.

Clemons and Kroth

Tom Cox is a leading blog radio host offering weekly programs interviewing the CEO’s of business. Those who lead and motivate teams to keep their business competitive and profitable.

His format is internet radio with a blogging focus immediately after the sessions.

Today, at 11:00 Pacific, Tom interviews David Clemons and Michael Kroth, the authors of the new book Managing the Mobile Workforce.

To link into the program –

The E-learning Guild hosting a webinar with Clemons / Kroth

Tuesday Jan 11 2010 – LINK HERE TO VIEW PROGRAM

The number of mobile workers worldwide will surpass one billion by 2011. This isn’t just a trend, but the direction that business is heading. In this webinar, you’ll learn essentials for coping with this new reality and discover how to create, sustain, support, and reward a highly passionate and productive mobile work force. The authors will…

  • Share startling facts and figures indicating how many workers already are and will be working
  • Explain why trust is the glue that binds managers and workers together across vast distances—and how to achieve it
  • Provide strategies to manage performance in a virtual world–and why mobility can actually increase productivity
  • Reveal how technology and great leadership can reduce the virtual distance between you and your mobile workers
  • Suggest a new way of looking at the virtual team development process

Stories from top execs at Samsung, Deloitte LLP, Hewlett-Packard, LEGO, and the Federal Office of Personnel Management, along with thought leaders like Joel Barker and Stephen M. R. Covey and other key industry experts will show you how the mobile workforce is changing the very landscape of business–and what you can do starting today to recreate their successes in your own organization

Hosted by Dave Summers of AMA , Clemons and Kroth, the authors of Managing the Mobile Workforce are interviewed for 1/2 hour in a recorded podcast. The session features both authors views on how to stay connected with the virtual team, build trust and improve performance within the team though better communications.

The podcast can be heard here –

Clemons Kroth Managing the mobile workforce

AMA Interview with Clemons Kroth Authors of Managing the Mobile Workforce

Our thanks to McGraw-Hill and the AMA for allowing us to share our ideas and thoughts on this subject. It was a great experience for both of us.