Clemons and Kroth - Interviewed with Inc. Mag

Inc Magazine recently published an article How to Manage a Virtual Sales Force, ( Click Link to read) . Both Michael Kroth and I were interviewed by  Eric Markowitz, who  is an assistant producer at He writes about start-ups, entrepreneurs, and issues that affect small businesses. He lives in New York City.

Our book Managing the Mobile Workforce ( McGraw-Hill ) has opened many new opportunities for Michael Kroth and I to  present our findings of our book and advice to managers who need to find leadership and technology solutions for their virtual teams.  We have had many opportunities with many Fortune companies and smaller organizations providing workshops and interviews, blogs, training and specific presentations to the executive groups that are investing in their mobile workforce. Additionally, we have a secondary offering of tools and training for publishing mobile content, training and mobile learner engagement to many of our new clients, with ( Mobile Publishing Platform for Enterprise Mobile Workforce)

We greatly appreciate this type of exposure and everyone who has supported this project. Michael Kroth is an incredible Co-Author and friend that brings his deep knowledge,  brain power strength and creativity to our project as a “Thought Leader” inside of the Virtual workforce. He believes passion in the workplace is needed and the secret to a thriving work environment.

We believe this is only the start of a very good opportunity for us and every enterprise manager that finds herself, himself asking how they are going to pull together the right mix of “metaskills”, managers that understand the mobile workforce needs quality support,  and technology that brings a team together. Just remember that “TRUST” is the real glue that bonds the Mobile Workforce together.

David Clemons – Founder, Co-Author , Chief Mobile Officer