Mobile Applications vs. Mainstream Mobile Distribution

Question What is the best way to distribute your mobile content?

Answer Today we can distribute mobile content via mobile applications through app stores in Black Berry, Apple iPhone and Google Droid and others. Additionally, mobile content is sent via SMS and MMS campaigns as well as mobile email. The answer is “YES!” to all. Where do you begin?

Presentation Bring your Droid, iPhone, iTouch or IPad, Black Berry or Windows Mobile and your Laptop. Test each one within this interactive session.

Bring your mobile device, fire up your laptop, and just DO!  This 45 minute session is presented by David Clemons co-author of Managing the Mobile Workforce (McGraw-Hill), founder and CEO of

  • Learn about the components of how mobile content is “provisioned”
  • Demo systems that allow you to build rapid mobile content
  • Learn how to integrate mobile video, audio, polling, quizzing and exams, reporting into your existing Learning Management Systems.
  • Learn about delivery channels of  SMS, Email and Mobile App Content through iPhone App, Black Berry App and Droid.

Listen, learn and DO! This is a fresh approach to better understanding mobile content, mobile delivery and learner progress. Let’s get started the right way with the knowledge you need to ask the right questions.

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LearnCast is listening. Our customers are sharing their ideas of how to make a successful educational mobile eco-system including the content tool updates, the user interface feature sets, the analytics needed to manage media and students.

The new version can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The new version adds a new dimension to our hybrid app.

Learncast offers PREMIUM mobile content, for both education and professionals who need mobile content.

What is LearnCast® ?

LearnCast® is a world of learning, where students receive high quality educational content from the best known experts within their areas of expertise. We are a member supported mobile learning organization. We have no advertisers, and no other purpose to exist other than to educate our learners and provide measurable results for all members to whom we value the most.

We offer a fresh approach to mobile learning, producing new tutorials recorded and designed everyday within our studios, in Boise Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. We train our “Authors” how to create content that is designed for and delivered to multiple mobile devices.

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LearnCast offers both Professional Development courses and Educational Development courses , free and premium mobile training programs.  In partnership with leading educational content publishers*, LearnCast® provides everything the mobile learner needs.

  • Superior content provisioned for mobile devices
  • Easy to follow pedagogy
  • MobiQuiz and MobiExam
  • Peer to peer collaborative
  • Mentor based support
  • Any  device, any where

Our content is either produced by our member studios or selected by our educational review team from leading brands.  These are passionate and very smart trainers who make it their personal goal to create wonderful learning programs that meet the expectation of our students and professional members.

Our Process

If  you are a Learner–  Mobile learning is delivered in many formats. We have partnered with popular and trusted mobile application stores, such as the iPhone store and others who support our application download process. Simply search for “LearnCast” and you will find the correct download for your device.

If  you are an Author– LearnCast® is about building or repurposing content for the mobile learner. This includes delivering content correctly to all Apple iPhones, iPads, Black Berry devices and Windows Mobile devices. Our tools are designed to help you organize, create and publish your content within our mobile application framework and share in the financial success of our content distribution eco-system.