FOR THE STUDENT – LearnCast helps students stay on top of homework assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes, and delivers a fresh new idea for teachers to post content to their students. The iPhone application is free, search for “LearnCast” on the Apple Application Store. Each learning module is designed to hold the attention of the student – in short educational chunks, re-purposing existing content and give the teacher tools to add new content. Its easy – simple for everyone the teacher, the student and even parents!

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FOR THE PROFESSIONAL WORKFORCE LearnCasts are a way to educate and train members of the enterprise mobile workforce using mobile devices, such as smartphones and PDAs. Powered by the Push Mobile Media platform, now enterprise salesforce managers and training leaders will be able to create interactive, rich media learning modules that include images, video, quizzes and polling features. Managers can monitor responses and feedback in real-time using the platform’s robust mobile analytic and reporting tools. Its a new way to educate your employees when and where they need it.

Learn more about the platform at


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