Every company manager wants his or her messaging opened by the internal staff and external partner list, immediately and with feedback and follow up. Well, it’s tough to expect that you will get a high rate of “open” unless everything is perfect. “Perfect” is almost impossible.

When is it too much, or the frequency of sending your messages more than your audience will support? One thing for sure is that you don’t want your own audience to block your messages or ignore you completely. If you can build TRUST early on, by giving high value first, it helps your audience to trust your not wasting their time. We all know how URGENT your message is, but does your audience?

The best we have seen to get your messaging read is to have a full strategy, be everywhere your audience is looking. This means in print, in email, in SMS text messaging ,using mobile widgets that point to your message, bill boards, car wrappers, sides of building ….and the list it goes on and on.

If you’re not getting the high “Hit Rate” you are expecting consider some of these tips:

How many delivery methods are you using to get your message out? ( SEVEN SUGGESTIONS)

A.)   E-Mail – make sure you have the “From” and “Subject” carefully filled out. Most people would rather know the company and person , as compared to just the person. Subjects need to grab attention in 1.5 seconds. So carefully choose your “value to me” words. Test internally first – ask for feedback

B.)   SMS Text Messaging – For your internal group , those who know you , those who expect you to connect with their mobile device via a mobile carrier or mobile platform technology. Your message has very limited room and should be designed with high value words. Every word must provide value. Use every available character you can. Test it internally first and get feedback from your group – before you launch.

C.)   Widgets that fit into your web page strategy. Widgets are designed by various platforms to like your audience from a web page directly to content that has been customized for their device.

D.)  QR-Codes – these have a long way to go before people get tired of them. You know why? Ease of use – one click and the content you request is right infront of you. LearnCast builds these custom mobile tags automatically and allows you to print or download the artwork so you can use your QR-Codes everywhere. East to scan or click.

E.)   URL = easy to distribute and can go on everything that is connected to a web. If you include the URL on your internal Twitter like service or Group Chat or email, web page or blog – we know you will get clicks.

F.)   Key Words attached to Mobile Short Codes – this is a very easy way to have someone text to receive the content such as “LEARNCAST” to 878787

G.)  Mobile App – Free Download of your Android or Apple app with  your content already assigned to all new users – what a fantastic way to get more views and a more committed audience. Any content can be secured with PREMIUMS ( secured content)  and given away with FREEMIUMS (Free content) .

Send a compelling message, keep you promise of high value. If they are not opening your messages, one of three things are happening. One, they have too many messages and do not see your title / message as a priority. Two, they do not see your title / message as urgent – so they will get back to it later. But never will see the message again. Three, the first message was a poor user experience therefore they will not open another.

*Isn’t your goal to have them want to re-open the next message? Make this one the best.

Keep your delivery consistent, meaning, let your audience expect another good experience

Keep the consistency of when the users can expect to be alerted to your content. If they like it they will be waiting for the next round of content. Try to keep the style of delivery consistent even if you change up the messaging.

Build TRUST by not over whelming your audience with too much information.

Not always easy to do.

This is by far the most valuable advice we can give. Your audience needs to see a professional, well thought out program, campaign or learning experience. In any case, you should consider that short is valuable. “One Mobile Minutes” are very helpful to everyone because the content is pinpointed to interest quickly. Try to schedule the initial content in a consistent timelime. Sometimes “when” the message is sent is just as important as the content

Relevance – Keep the language so that this group, this team, this pool of people can understand the messaging.

Get feed back from everyone – all the time.  Asking your audience how to improve the user experience is a very good idea. Include them and listen. They will tell you something of value every time.

QR-Codes ( MobiTags) if you plan on peppering your TAGS everywhere make sure your landing pages are using both FREEMIUM and PREMIUM content. By delivering free content via the access point of a MobiTag, Your audience is only one scan away from viewing your content.

Contest, Win This, Chosen Best of Class, Top 5 Reasons, Award Given –  Each of these titles bring interest to you message and or program. Many times we have to incent our viewers to get them to open our messages and engage in our content. Try a word like one of the words or phrases above.

Write good content – the information your audience wants and then ask for feedback! Be clever, be smart and know what contents is considered “Engaging”. Ask your audience for their feedback – to share their opinion.  The more you listen to your customer the more you will know their real need.

Calls to Action – What do you want your audience to do ? Part of your plan is to know ahead of time where you want your audience to go – or what you are expecting them to view. With our goal to get more “opens” more “views” we need to plan our content to place high value upfront. A simple link into a common web page – might not be the right answer. We suggest you map out your strategy and really think through how much time is spent on every landing page, every link, video, poll, quiz etc.

Any of these small ideas above can and should work help you receive more views and more time spent by your audience reviewing your valuable offerings and messaging. You are asking them to stop what they are doing and or thinking about and view your message. Not an easy task with busy professionals. But try a few of these ides. You might find success is as simple as your Subject line or that you are using more than one delivery method.




Industry Leaders Merge – LearnKey®, LearnCast® and Predix

Three powerful companies merge to form a very strategic learning entity known as Better Learning Systems (BLS).

LearnKey® Inc., LearnCast® Inc., and Predix Inc., combine their executive leadership teams, global experience and financial resources to create the “next big idea” in the learning industry, Better Learning Systems.

These three companies all share a similar background of delivering first-to-market solutions and innovations within the learning, e-learning and mobile learning industries. Their stories include accomplishments such as the first video-based software training company (1987); the first privately held company to deliver  interactive CD-ROM to the market with video, labs and assessments; the first company to stream learning video in an online learning portal with labs and assessments; and possibly the first mobile platform to specifically offer rapid development tools, learning management tools, video transcoding with global distribution specific to learning within one cloud-based system.

“I’m really interested to see how our existing customer base adopts our new and strategic offerings. This will prove to have more value with better reach and deeper measurements for everyone”, stated David Clemons CEO and Founder of LearnCast.com

“The global industry of video based training, online learning, mobile innovation and individual talent discovery through software, will see something fantastic at Better Learning Systems”, stated Clemons

This merger represents a very big move for the privately held LearnKey®, the original video-based software training company launched in 1987, who has brought together an interesting blend of mobile technology and professional behavioral assessment technology and know-how together under one vision – one mission. “Build a Better Learning System

Read the companies press announcement here on  PRWEB WIRE – http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/2/prweb9156955.htm

LearnCast is watching the battle between Apple and Adobe ( Flash vs. HTML5) , with both sides creating concern within schools and  companies / users who have invested time and expense adopting Flash and creating a standard in web based  rich media.

LearnCast  supports  most media types when publishing educational materials, including Flash. We use a Flash to H264  transcode “On the Fly” or “On Demand” . We are solving the issues facing rich media on the mobile device!

1. Device detection – any device that requests the Flash Media – LearnCast transcodes on demand with the correct formats.

2. Media uploads – We allow our “Authors” to upload a wide variety of media formats including Flash video and audio and we use our Transcoding technologies to repurpose into H.264 formats.

3. We repurpose existing content so that mobile devices and desktops together can view the educational programs.

This is an OPPORTUNITY for LearnCast to show its powerful solutions and we expect fully to take advantage of this !!

Adobe states that 1.8 Billion internet users with 99% of those users have Flash installed. That’s not going to change in the next few years.  Apple is a disruptive, competitor ( let’s not forget awesome, innovative). It’s their goal to out position Adobe – by not supporting Flash rather using HTML 5 as an “Open Standard”. It’s an interesting position, and LearnCast can help any company that is facing this problem, especially where mobile devices are introduced into the mix.

From Apple – “Apple has many proprietary products too. Though the operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is proprietary, we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open. Rather than use Flash, Apple has adopted HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – all open standards. Apple’s mobile devices all ship with high performance, low power implementations of these open standards. HTML5, the new web standard that has been adopted by Apple, Google and many others, lets web developers create advanced graphics, typography, animations and transitions without relying on third party browser plug-ins (like Flash). HTML5 is completely open and controlled by a standards committee, of which Apple is a member.”

“When websites re-encode their videos using H.264, they can offer them without using Flash at all. They play perfectly in browsers like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome without any plugins whatsoever, and look great on iPhones, iPods and iPads.”

READ MORE – http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/

LearnCast has been building a powerful team of subject matter experts in many subject  areas such as Language Skills, courses like Spanish on the Go!  Alex Noce, the author of these programs is a very talented, gifted teacher, recognized in New Mexico  as a top trainer, language expert, head of department delivering educational technology training to his fellow teachers. He has a Masters in Spanish Linguistics and an expert at “Textless teaching”.

The first LearnCast Language Skills course by Alex Noce.

Spanish on the Go! is a multi-unit , multiple set of Spanish Lessons. Each lesson is short concise and designed for everyday common phases. These are visual programs that include practice videos. They work very well helping a learner retain the core ideas and needed language skills. Soon we will release Unit II which has an additional 3 lessons.

NOTE from Alex! – My name is Alejandro Noce. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am a Spanish teacher at Las Cruces High School. I did my undergraduate work at UC Santa Barbara and I have a Masters degree in Spanish linguistics from New Mexico State University. I enjoy the New Mexico outdoors, swimming and reading Gabriel García Márquez!

We are both excited to offer language courses and confident in working with Alex Noce, we are sure the comments and feed back will be very positive!

Monday ( July 19th – 2010) – LearnCast has delivered a new version of its mobile platform that provides content delivery options including, mobile app store(s), mobile SMS with real-time feed back, and Email delivery systems.

“Our clients have specifically asked to have more options in delivering their content with the assurance of security “, states David Clemons, founder of LearnCast.”We now have the most popular mobile delivery systems available to schools and corporate enterprises. With a combination of apps, emails and SMS urgent messaging our customers can select which is best for their mobile learners regardless of device type. We now support Blackberry, Apple, Windows, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, as well as hundreds of smart devices that connect to the mobile internet.”

The free tools build trust fast with our clients – powered by LearnCast , this is a great opportunity for schools to repurpose lesson plans and deliver content to the remote , mobile student. Enterprise clients can use our tools and delivery system to measure the effectiveness of the training.


1. Simulation Views in Page Builder and Testing and Publish

2. MobiQuiz and MobiExams show actual user test results

3. Testing and Publishing allow for target groups and dates to be delivered

4. Navigation of non-Apple applications have more consistent look and feel

5. SMS, EMAIL delivery( Included)

6. Groups can be created within Enterprise or Educational Organizations

7. Exporting/Importing from LMS  User Data – made simple

8. Secure Quiz codes – added and refined

9. User Log in to HTML – email based products

Contact us – LearnCast Team


Mobile Applications vs. Mainstream Mobile Distribution

Question What is the best way to distribute your mobile content?

Answer Today we can distribute mobile content via mobile applications through app stores in Black Berry, Apple iPhone and Google Droid and others. Additionally, mobile content is sent via SMS and MMS campaigns as well as mobile email. The answer is “YES!” to all. Where do you begin?

Presentation Bring your Droid, iPhone, iTouch or IPad, Black Berry or Windows Mobile and your Laptop. Test each one within this interactive session.

Bring your mobile device, fire up your laptop, and just DO!  This 45 minute session is presented by David Clemons co-author of Managing the Mobile Workforce (McGraw-Hill), founder and CEO of LearnCast.com.

  • Learn about the components of how mobile content is “provisioned”
  • Demo systems that allow you to build rapid mobile content
  • Learn how to integrate mobile video, audio, polling, quizzing and exams, reporting into your existing Learning Management Systems.
  • Learn about delivery channels of  SMS, Email and Mobile App Content through iPhone App, Black Berry App and Droid.

Listen, learn and DO! This is a fresh approach to better understanding mobile content, mobile delivery and learner progress. Let’s get started the right way with the knowledge you need to ask the right questions.

View Link –  http://www.elearningguild.com/mLearnCon/content/1684/

What is LearnCast® ?

LearnCast® is a world of learning, where students receive high quality educational content from the best known experts within their areas of expertise. We are a member supported mobile learning organization. We have no advertisers, and no other purpose to exist other than to educate our learners and provide measurable results for all members to whom we value the most.

We offer a fresh approach to mobile learning, producing new tutorials recorded and designed everyday within our studios, in Boise Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. We train our “Authors” how to create content that is designed for and delivered to multiple mobile devices.

To View LearnCast – http://www.learncast.com

LearnCast offers both Professional Development courses and Educational Development courses , free and premium mobile training programs.  In partnership with leading educational content publishers*, LearnCast® provides everything the mobile learner needs.

  • Superior content provisioned for mobile devices
  • Easy to follow pedagogy
  • MobiQuiz and MobiExam
  • Peer to peer collaborative
  • Mentor based support
  • Any  device, any where

Our content is either produced by our member studios or selected by our educational review team from leading brands.  These are passionate and very smart trainers who make it their personal goal to create wonderful learning programs that meet the expectation of our students and professional members.

Our Process

If  you are a Learner–  Mobile learning is delivered in many formats. We have partnered with popular and trusted mobile application stores, such as the iPhone store and others who support our application download process. Simply search for “LearnCast” and you will find the correct download for your device.

If  you are an Author– LearnCast® is about building or repurposing content for the mobile learner. This includes delivering content correctly to all Apple iPhones, iPads, Black Berry devices and Windows Mobile devices. Our tools are designed to help you organize, create and publish your content within our mobile application framework and share in the financial success of our content distribution eco-system.

LearnCast 2010

January 5, 2010

LearnCast (R) is rolling out it’s mobile content platform services in 2010 – Partnerships include content aggregators, premium content companies and subject matter experts.  Video transcode and video delivery services and other transcode partners. Our goal is simple, provide a desktop tool that allows eductaion as well as enterprise the ability to create , distribute and measure preformance and feedback from the mobile audience. Our tools and process are extremely simple to use and build courses.

If you are interested in being on our Beta Invite list – please drop us a quick email –
Support@LearnCast.com or just sign up for a FREE account and start building content, once approved you will be able to see the power of our service.

We will contact you with log in information.

LearnCast® is designed for the enterprise by repurposing existing educational content to any mobile device, including video.

LearnCast is capable of providing a complete mobile solution and strategy for delivering mobile content including corporate messaging and pure educational content to thousands of mobile workers world-wide.

LearnCast is a registered trademark

LearnCast (R)

We are happy to announce LearnCast(R) has finally been awarded to our group by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Reg # 3,489,439 ( first use in commerce 11-25-03). We are represented by Pearce Ferguson and Davis P.C.

Our plans include launching LearnCast as a educational toolset and content base of web 2.0 technologies and aggregating content from educational groups like LearnKey Inc and others into a global marketplace.

Our technology plan includes the use of associated companies such as PushMobileMedia.com Enterprise Mobile Platform to deliver in a multitude of formats and over various networks.