LearnKey Adds MobiAlerts for Teachers in K-12

August 30, 2012

MobiMentoring goes LIVE !

Mobile Mentoring for Teachers

Facilitating online and mobile learning just got easier!

LearnKey’s self-paced video courseware training now includes “Mobile Mentoring for Teachers” – a powerful new feature providing the ultimate learning experience for both student and teacher.

Combining video training courseware, pre-assesments and post-assessments, workbooks, and MasterExams, Instructional Mobile Mentoring is the first in the eLearning industry to tie both teachers and students to mobile learning.


  • Powered by LearnCast, a world-class mobile learning platform
  • Course-specific mobile instructional mentoring
    • Tips from author on key objectives and coverage of topics
    • Course-specific projects for students
    • Mobi Alerts ensure your lesson stays on track
    • Social engagement – interactive chat within each course
    • Quizzes and exams
    • Best practices for online learning
  • Teacher and student sessions delivered to any mobile device
  • Monthly polling and rapid feedback


  • Streamlined learning process – a complete learning experience from beginning to end
  • Higher pass rates
  • Improves teacher and student engagement
  • Learning reach expanded to mobile and online
Contact a LearnKey representative to learn more about Mobile Mentoring and availability:



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