SHRM WEBCAST – Presenters – David Clemons and Michael Kroth

October 6, 2011

Today … was such a great experience working with the  team at SHRM the Society for Human Resource Management. Michael Kroth and I were invited to present to the SHRM membership regarding our book Managing the Mobile Workforce.  First, I must say I am thankful (everyday) to have such great partners in my life, within my businesses and especially Michael Kroth. He was exceptional today. I mean he was on his game of presenting what he knows inside and out,  What motivates a mobile worker and how to build a successful mobile leadership team. If you get a chance go in to SHRM and sign up to listen to this presentation – its 90 minutes  with Q/A’s – there were too many questions to answer all of them – but we tried! We had a full outline to present of detailed examples of enterprise  strategies used within mobile teams – AND – details of how companies are succeeding , sustaining a mobile workforce.

This live presentation was viewed live today by HUNDREDS of people! I can not wait to do this for thousands, with Michael.

Its interesting what I learned today. What I learned from Michael, from the the SHRM managers and the attendees of the program is something to value. I feel fortunate I was present – that is for sure.

The link to view our presentation outline is here –

I really appreciate that SHRM recognised our passion – our book and that we both like to present and always have a great time doing it. Thank you again!

Here is a partial summary of the SHRM web page that featured us today ;

Building a mobile workforce can be a competitive advantage for your company. Do you have job alternatives that will appeal to workers of the 21st century? Does your corporate strategy envision a mobile workforce? Are you prepared to lead one? Do you have the capability to find, get, keep, and support mobile workers?

In this 90-minute program, David Clemons and Michael Kroth, co-authors of Managing the Mobile Workforce (McGraw-Hill), will share what organizational and HR leaders need to know to create healthy, highly motivating environments for mobile workers. They will talk about presence — reducing the distance between the manager and mobile workers, motivating distance workers and paradigms of the mobile workforce. The program will look at how HR can play a vital role in building virtual teams and creating performance management systems that make sense for mobile workers.

About the speakers: David Clemons (top) and Michael Kroth are authors of the book, Managing the Mobile Workforce: Leading, Building, and Sustaining Virtual Teams, published by McGraw-Hill. Follow their blog at David Clemons has provided 20 years of executive leadership and innovation to the digital education industries. His experience has focused mainly on the global enterprise online learning space. Mr. Clemons is well known for his position as president of LearnKey Inc, a Utah based E-learning company and today is known as the creator of Achieve Labs Inc. He also founded LearnCast Mobile Publishing System. Mr. Clemons speaks nationally and internationally on mobile trends, mobile adoption, enterprise mobile workforce innovation, and leadership. Currently he lives and works in Eagle, Idaho, as a true mobile worker, employing a large “mobiForce” including international partners and content specialists.

Michael Kroth, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the University of Idaho-Boise. As a long time internal consultant he developed and administered corporate-level leadership development and succession planning programs, has been the administrator of a corporate foundation, and served as a director of corporate community affairs. He is the Leadership Field Editor for ASTD’s In-Practice on-line newsletter and a member of the National Speakers Association. Dr. Kroth is also a member of the National Speakers Association.


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