KTVB Boise Interview with Clemons and Kroth

February 3, 2011

Video Interview with KTVB Boise Idaho Managing the mobile workforceKTVB – Boise – Carolyn Holly hosts a show named It’s You Business. What a great experience we had with Carolyn, we couldn’t have asked for a better host, making Michael and I very much at home. When the set of rolling cameras took position, you knew this was serious business.

We had a few minutes to talk about our book Managing the Mobile Workforce, answering questions like; why business leaders should read our book and what were the most important ideas and concepts we learned in interviewing 40+ global companies.

To VIEW this presentation you can view HERE – hClemons Kroth ttp://www.ktvb.com/video/its-your-business/Its-Your-Business—Managing-the-mobile-workforce-114951904.html


One Response to “KTVB Boise Interview with Clemons and Kroth”

  1. We had a wonderful time, and David, as always, sparkled and made us look good. Hope to talk about MMWF like this many times in the future!

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