E-Learning Guild – Webinar with Clemons / Kroth Tuesday Jan 11

January 11, 2011

The E-learning Guild hosting a webinar with Clemons / Kroth

Tuesday Jan 11 2010 – LINK HERE TO VIEW PROGRAM

The number of mobile workers worldwide will surpass one billion by 2011. This isn’t just a trend, but the direction that business is heading. In this webinar, you’ll learn essentials for coping with this new reality and discover how to create, sustain, support, and reward a highly passionate and productive mobile work force. The authors will…

  • Share startling facts and figures indicating how many workers already are and will be working
  • Explain why trust is the glue that binds managers and workers together across vast distances—and how to achieve it
  • Provide strategies to manage performance in a virtual world–and why mobility can actually increase productivity
  • Reveal how technology and great leadership can reduce the virtual distance between you and your mobile workers
  • Suggest a new way of looking at the virtual team development process

Stories from top execs at Samsung, Deloitte LLP, Hewlett-Packard, LEGO, and the Federal Office of Personnel Management, along with thought leaders like Joel Barker and Stephen M. R. Covey and other key industry experts will show you how the mobile workforce is changing the very landscape of business–and what you can do starting today to recreate their successes in your own organization


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