MobiNURSE heads for the Nursing Stations

November 19, 2010

MobiNurse – Quality Mobile Innovation for a Medical Team of Nurses

Posted on November 18, 2010 by dclemons

Soon, Health Providers will be able to power up a powerful mobile solution from Achieve Labs. “MobiNurse” (TM) is an innovative educational solution for nurses and nurse aids who seek continuing education.  “Our goal is simple, to use the power of to create, distribute, measure and report on continuing education efforts that are required.

MobiNurse provides the following basic features:

1. MobiAlerts – these are designed to be broadcasted to a select audience ( Need to know only!)

2. MobiSearch – Mobile search engine, dedicated to group, relevant content only- Look up for text, docs, people, video and training

3. MobiShout – Instant text communicated across a group setting.

MobiNURSE creates a rich environment for user to gain the knowledge they need when in a remote setting or in between appointments.


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