LearnCast Update Great New Features

September 24, 2010

Performance Measurements with in Dashboard

LearnCast Updates

The LearnCast team has made some really nice updates to our system(s). Thx goes out to everyone who added their ideas and suggestions on improving our system and user experience!

1. MobiMentoring is now live. With the right combination of e-learning, ILT and MobiMentoring …ANY company or school can take advantage of the Social Messaging “MobiShouts” ( Kinda like twitter but way simple and very relevant to the group)

2. MobiPolling is live and well – sound like we have a few teachers already using the MobiPoll Dashboard projected up on the white board!!! The learners interact with real time comments from the polls ( Very cool)

3. Information mapped resources for quizzing – Ok now that is a really interesting feature – as we now support Mp3 audio pods, Video files ( Most formats) , Images ( several types) and docs with text on the fly integration.

4. Performance Measurements in oe beautiful SIMPLE dashboard – My Favorite Improvement.

Actually there were 15 new add-on features that our customers asked for. All live at LearnCast.com.

Appreciate your very kind and considerate help in advice and (Trail and error) patience, the important thing is the software is really rolling smoothly and we are excited to hear how you like it. Dont be shy!!!!



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