LearnCast Updates Sept 2010

September 5, 2010

Achieve Labs Inc.,  LearnCast has been deep in the Labs updating the LearnCast feature set based on customer requests. The feedback we receive daily shapes our companies development schedules and priorities.

These updates what you have asked for – and we are excited to show off these new updates to our customers. Hopefully, our continued interest to be proactive and to respond based on your inputs, keeps us in your planning of your own mobile delivery and strategy.

LearnCast Updates

1. Copy Command – This allows our Authors to create a “Template” or a series of mobiCourses.

2. Dash Board View of Exams, Quiz, Polling and Comments – This new feature was a top priority of our mobile enterprise customers.

3. Customized E-Mail Landing Page Showing Brand/Logo ( Custom) – Now the first page that is shown to your customers is your own brand –

4. Mobile Polling and Reporting with Comments from Learners – Heavy request from our teachers in public education the dashboard now allows the Author/Teacher to approve comments on the fly and present if within the classroom.

5. MobiMentoring – another ENTERPRISE driven feature. LearnCast launched two Fortune companies that are using the mobiMentoring. This is a remedial training and retention program with content, smart quizzes, feedback and auto timed ALERTS !  WOW!!!

6. Mobile Analytics tools – these tools help our customer and tech teams better understand issues and costs. This is a very important piece of our offering to both schools and enterprise.


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