LearnCast – Langauge Skills – Spanish on the GO! Approved

July 20, 2010

LearnCast has been building a powerful team of subject matter experts in many subject  areas such as Language Skills, courses like Spanish on the Go!  Alex Noce, the author of these programs is a very talented, gifted teacher, recognized in New Mexico  as a top trainer, language expert, head of department delivering educational technology training to his fellow teachers. He has a Masters in Spanish Linguistics and an expert at “Textless teaching”.

The first LearnCast Language Skills course by Alex Noce.

Spanish on the Go! is a multi-unit , multiple set of Spanish Lessons. Each lesson is short concise and designed for everyday common phases. These are visual programs that include practice videos. They work very well helping a learner retain the core ideas and needed language skills. Soon we will release Unit II which has an additional 3 lessons.

NOTE from Alex! – My name is Alejandro Noce. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am a Spanish teacher at Las Cruces High School. I did my undergraduate work at UC Santa Barbara and I have a Masters degree in Spanish linguistics from New Mexico State University. I enjoy the New Mexico outdoors, swimming and reading Gabriel García Márquez!

We are both excited to offer language courses and confident in working with Alex Noce, we are sure the comments and feed back will be very positive!


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